November 9, 2008: Version 2.15
1. Changed the behaviour of how it parses channel mode changes, now no longer sends MODE <CHANNEL> anymore, just updates the titlebar of the channel as it should have in the first place. This *should* give an marginal increase in speed, if not, performance
2. Modified the way the channel titlebar was updated and is now a lot quicker in response to change on either a topic or mode change
3. Fixed a bug with the window list not deleting windows correctly and showing 2, 3 or 4 windows of the same name under the same node
4. Fixed a bug with window list not show a status window in the list if closed and reopened
5. Sorted the window list names alphabetically
6. Modified coding of switchbar a little by utilizing the already in-place window list class, works a lot more effectively
7. Adjusted the width of the topic column on channels list dialog when dialog is resized to remove the horizontal scrollbar (just looked wrong)
8. Fixed the "Refresh All" method in the window menu which didn't do anything due to an error in passing an invalid
property method to the display window (I forgot I changed the name of the method about half way through development *smacks*)
9. Fixed toolbar background drawing error if a chat window was maximized and the "control box" was visible on the toolbar
10. Replaced the installer as some antivirus software was reporting false positives on the uninstaller.exe therefore the program wouldn't install

November 7, 2008: Version 2.14
1. Made the settings dialog appear to open faster and also disabled the "apply" button until a setting was changed
2. Made the opening of URLS open a new window/tab in default browser rather than using the currently active one
3. Changed some custom messagebox icons to display exclaimations rather than questions in some instances
4. Some under-hood tuning to the nicklist and other various functions
5. Added close, restore down and minimize buttons to toolbar when windows are maximized
6. Fixed a problem that caused a GPF from a change in previous version
7. Fixed a small display bug when parsing <ctrl+k>##,##<text><ctrl+k>##,##<ctrl+o><text> combinations
8. On connecting/disconnecting using toolbar, made it reset focus back to the inputbox
9. Fixed a small error with disconnecting with a socks5 proxy
10. Increased packet size capability to 12288 for DCC
11. Added the default accept file extensions in the configuration file as these were missing which caused DCC not to accept files without going through the settings dialog and adding them
12. Made all files default to the users app data folder as per Microsoft's recommendations for XP/Vista
13. Fixed a coding error that caused "More Windows" to appear in the window menu more than once in some cases
14. Added multi-select capability to adding files on media's playlist
15. Inserted current playlist name in saving a playlist
16. Added Ctrl+A select all text to other textboxes on settings dialog
17. Fixed a problem with closing a status window and if it was still attempting to connect to a server but timing out and retry options were set to on, it would continually try to reconnect
18. Fixed a bug with the window list not working after a status window was closed and re-opened (the client reuses a closed status window when a new one is created)
19. Changed localhost and /dns functions to asynchronous, now they DON'T hang the application whilst trying to resolve an unresolvable host
20. Fixed a bug that caused it to reconnect twice when using /server command if already connected
21. Reduced the size between server connection and nick on statusbar, added a clock to show current time and changed the icon for uptime
22. Changed the more windows list to a treeview with icons so its easier to distinguish between server connections
23. Fixed a bug with the channel properties/modes dialog setting limit and key values in wrong order, eg: if you set the key value first then the limit value, the key value would end up being the limit value. Also delete some other code from it that was causing another problem

November 1, 2008: Version 2.13
1. Fixed it not disconnecting when /server command passed or clicking on the toolbar (there was a big delay with using /server)
2. Fixed an alias parameter parsing problem where it would only parse the first word of parameters rather than the whole line, eg: /test this line would only return "this"
3. Added in a check for commented ; lines in aliases so it doesn't execute them
4. Added a media player bar for playing MP3s during an IRC session
5. Added a systray icon and menu
6. Stopped the recent server history storing multiple servers of same dns with different ports, now it just stores successful dns and the new port (list on my test client was getting fairly large)
7. Changed progress bars on DCC file and splash screen to use Windows XP themes
8. Fixed the CTCPREPLY command from echoing the text when used internally responding to a CTCP FINGER request
9. Split CTCPs between channel CTCPs and personal CTCPs to you
10. Changed the chat icons to much better looking ones as the old ones looked out of place with the rest of the icons such as toolbar, etc
11. Updated main menubar menus to use an Office XP style with icons
12. Fixed a bug with recent channels not adding any new channels after being cleared
13. Fixed a bug with the prefix for nicks not being removed when hopping a channel and it still displaying the prefix (like you had +v before hopping) and it still showed as (+somenick) text
14. Fixed a UTF-8 bug in DCC chat windows

October 25, 2008: Version 2.12
1. Fixed a bug with /list window opening a new window insteading of using the same window if already open
2. On reconnect on disconnect, made it get the server's description from the networks.ini file plus random port as it does on normal connect (looked odd other way)
3. Used separate timers for auto-perform and auto-join on connect (see next point)
4. Made it get the connecting server's network name from the networks.ini file (if its on there) first, rather than waiting for the server to do so as in some instances (such as DALnet) auto-perform wouldn't execute, so hopefully its finally fixed now
5. When the switchbar is aligned at the bottom it now sits under the text input box rather than on top
6. Fixed UTF-8 checking to ensure that only the parts of the string that needed to be changed are changed
7. Added a popup message box for toolbar commands that require you to be connected to a server before the command can be executed (justs adds a visual prompt to the user rather than doing nothing)
8. Made switchbar buttons height slightly large (26 pixles to 30)
9. Added a channel list options dialog to narrow channel searching down
10. Made a few raws display to active window rather than status
11. Added nick prefixing to channel text and own channel text (@, +, etc)
12. Added $version(); identifier to return client's version number
13. Fixed settings dialog quit and finger reply message $identifier(); parsing, now will evaluate all identifiers including on quit and exit
14. Added $crlf();, $cr(); and $lf(); identifiers
15. Added $asctime();, $ctime();, $cid();, $activecid();, $uptime();, $duration();, $idle();, $network();, $server();, $os();, $ticks(); identifiers
16. Removed a possible GPF cause on exit when connected to a server
17. Fixed ctrl+v in some edit boxes through-out client
18. Added a statusbar at the bottom of the client to show connection, nick, idle time and total uptime

October 20, 2008: Version 2.11
1. Fixed a coding error which stopped /aliases from working (should really test things more thoroughly before releasing!)
2. Added /onotice and /scid commands

October 19, 2008: Version 2.1
1. Fixed the UTF-8 display problem with some characters that aren't UTF-8 getting decoded anyway, now it checks the line to see if unicode is present, if not, won't do anything. May require a bit of tweaking in the future
2. Removed the replacement of chr 160 to chr 32 in previous version as fix #1 made it pointless
3. Fixed a problem with /query command not sending the <text> parameter, so nothing is displayed and nothing was ever sent (contradicting the help file) - resolved
4. Fixed a small issue with the tooltip balloon reappearing 1) when the app was inactive and the mouse moved over the nicklist and 2) when there was no nick present under the mouse
5. Fixed a bug with IRCXPro not showing the topic, topic set and names of a channel if a forced join to a channel on connect is set on the server (it was sending the names, etc first before the JOIN :<CHAN> event)
6. Added the alias and popups editor which now can modify the popups.ini and aliases.ini files through the program
7. Made some corrections to the documentation
8. Fixed a bug with an internal function not correctly identifing a token by it's case (example selfmodes display on the status window +irR, if you were to -R then the "r" would be removed instead "+iR" which is incorrect)
9. Removed Ctrl+X close active window hotkey and left it as default Ctrl+F4
10. Added Ctrl+A (select all) functionality to the topic textbox on the channel properties dialog
11. Fixed /whois not displaying raw 308 as previous version included raw 308 for /rules command so it broke part of the /whois reply (you ended up with SethMacFarlane :is a Services Agent in status in some instances)
12. Fixed a graphical visual error with Users dialog where there was too much whitespace underneath the ok and cancel buttons
13. Added an /echo command
14. Added in command syntax and not connected error checking for commands inputed at the input box
15. Fixed auto perform on connect not need a / to execute properly, now no / is needed at all but can still be added if you so wish

October 14, 2008: Version 2.0
1. Changed main icon to match the others style
2. Changed the splash screen image to match the main icon
3. Fixed a bug in the retry connection not showing the server description if it's in the server list
4. Added a check to see if all connection criteria is filled out before allowing connection to a server
5. Sped up the writing of large network ini file greatly
6. Fixed a bug that if the "last=" value is missing in the networks.ini file it would bomb out and not write any thing or update any data
7. Fixed the auto identify not working on some servers on connect
8. Fixed the fact the notify list was never being saved or loaded, now it saves and reloads each time ChatIRC starts
9. Made the auto connect add button the default button when entering a server name so return will make it add to the list (rather than closing the settings dialog as it was before)
10. Fixed a small display bug with menubar menus and submenus
11. Fixed the fact right clicking a switchbar button didn't show the windows "system menu" to allow closing of the window
12. Fixed a bug with status windows reconnecting to the server after closing the window
13. Added the confirm action settings
14. Fixed a bug with /quit and not being able to reconnect
15. Added a /ctcpreply command
16. Made the "Add Network" dialog set focus to the list so you can type "c" for example to get networks starting with the letter c, or use the arrow keys
17. Changed the appearance of tabbed dialogs if a Windows theme is applied
18. Added /menubar, /toolbar and /switchbar commands to toggle menubar, toolbar and switchbar respectively on or off
19. Fixed the toolbar background not hiding when the toolbar is set to off
20. Help documentation is now up-to-date
21. Fixed the main window not returning to maximized state on reopening if it was in maximized state on close
22. Fixed another GPF on exit which was caused by the socket
23. Swapped the network name and window name around in the logging file output so its alphabetically sorted by network in explorer
24. Fixed the notices so that ones sent to channels are displayed in those channels only, rather than the active, other notices to yourself still go to the active
25. Fixed the kick event not displaying anything if kicked by the server rather than a nick
26. Removed a space from the self kick message display between "channel" and the colon ":"
27. Added raw 378 to whois reply which is connecting from on UnrealIRCd
28. Removed some debug information that wasn't supposed to be there
29. Stopped the 'No one on notify list is on IRC' event message from being displayed after already connected
30. Fixed notify using the default beep sound instead of set sound on notify update
31. Fixed DCC chat not using the same window when reconnecting to same host
32. Fixed a UTF-8 decoding bug with character 160 (hard space) being removed (just simply if character 160 it's replaced with character 32)
33. Stopped the URL detection code on chat windows picking up on addresses ( for example no longer is clickable) this also includes email addresses
34. Fixed path bug with drag & drop of files into query windows
35. Added drag & drop files to DCC chat window
36. Fixed text error on DCC get warn dialog showing the users address rather than the filename
37. Fixed a display error with raw 309 (whois) showing a colon in some instances
38. Added in IRCX access raws 801, 802, 803, 804, 805, 820, 900, 903, 913 and 914
39. Added mouse double-click events to the settings dialog and working code to the respective windows, users can now select what command to execute on double-click of status, channel, nicklist and query
40. Added in support for /version command (raw 351)
41. Added in support for /rules command available on some servers (raws 308, 309 and 232)

June 14, 2008: Version 1.7
1. Fixed a major crash bug on the settings dialog when closing it
2. Changed the toolbar and internal icons again as two beta testers didn't like my icon choice

June 13, 2008: Version 1.6
1. Fixed a reply error in self CTCP time
2. Fixed a bug in the automations dialog setting multiple lines in the perform on connect tab with ; which results in the multiple lines on one line and never executes
3. Slowed down the auto-connection on start and auto-join on connect a little
4. Fixed a stupid bug that resulted in "Connecting to 6667;Random (Server)" to be displayed and added as that to the recent server history (I hope)
5. Made the menubar reset menus and buttons (off) when the inputbox regains focus
6. Changed the icons on the settings dialog
7. Fixed the ignore system not working if any case was used in idents/addresses, now is non-case sensitive
8. Changed the toolbar icons to more update ones and its style
9. Fixed a small bug with the toolbar not displaying the correct connection state icon in some circumstances
10. Fixed a menubar focus issue where it would not allow popups to show properly in some instances

June 2, 2008: Version 1.5
1. Filtered out the flood settings (token 4) of channel modes from titlebar of channel windows
2. Re-set focus to input box after automations dialog is closed
3. Fixed a bug with using "Exit" from the file menu showing the close dialog twice (also a crash)
4. Fixed a few bugs with the favorites dialog (mainly the edit and delete buttons not working and the icon not showing in the list when adding)
5. Changed the menubar menus so they now display any of the popups when the mouse is moved along the bar (like a normal Windows app)
6. Added the channels list to the switchbar
7. Fixed a tooltip issue that caused the app to regain focus if it was inactive on toolbars
8. Right-click on switchbar buttons (except status) now popup the system context menus of those related windows allowing the user to close, etc
9. Fixed an issue with the color index box not showing when channel properties dialog showing
10. Fixed a few display errors (mainly colons that should not be present) in raw messages
11. Removed the Vista style progress bar from splash screen as it didn't match the progress bar used on DCC transfers
12. Added drag & drop file functionality to query windows to initiate DCC send transfer
13. Made the window open option settings tab actually do something
14. Custom messagebox now tied into scripting
15. Added a /noop command (which basically does nothing but allows execution of $identifiers that normal return an output that you don't want evaluated)
16. Fixed a couple of crash bugs
17. Added an /splay command to allow playing of mp3 and wav files
18. Fixed a re-connection issue that would stop the connection ID from ever re-connecting again if cancelled during connection (not appearing to do anything at all)
19. Allowed joining of channels by double clicking the name in a whois reply (prefixed with @, +, etc.)
20. Finished the sound events part of the dialog which I said I had done in previous version (which, obviously I didn't but thought I did)

May 27, 2008: Version 1.4
1. Fixed a timestamp issue and 12 midnight displaying as 2 am instead of 12 when using the h:nn format
2. Fixed tab nick completion when using the switchbar aligned top or bottom (forgot to set tabstop to false)
3. Re-ordered the tabstops on the settings dialog as they were all over the place
4. Fixed a lag issue with restoring windows down from maximized state
5. Changed the channel list icon on the toolbar so it made more sense
6. Fixed a bug with // commands and status window not parsing at all
7. Added an autojoin, perform and identify feature (automations)
8. Added in IRCX Event raws
9. Fixed the /ban #chan nick command not correctly working when -u## isn't used
10. Fixed a bug with the channel favorites dialog and joining channels where channel windows wouldn't show
11. Fixed the crash on exit (now when closing there appears to be a bit of lag)
12. Reduced the width of the buttons slightly on the toolbar to make it look less spaced out
13. Fixed a memory leak with the logging feature
14. Removed the trim log feature as it got broken when I fixed the logging memory leak (will have to revise it)
15. Added "log session closed" to the end of DCC chat and query log files on user or server disconnect
16. Fixed a drawing error on the switchbar under Vista where channel names came out as "main#" instead of "#main"
17. Added an "options" tab to the display options of the settings dialog
18. Re-arranged the options of the "messages" tab slightly in the settings dialog and added a "full wrap" function which basically prevents the chat windows from re-wrapping when resized but still wraps the text on each new message/event
19. Added a "sound events" tab to the settings dialog, now all sound events are configurable
20. Finally included the help documentation (I have been lazy to write it before the first public release)
21. Fixed a few bugs with closing the application with no ini files (exe on its own) it would crash, fixed writing new main ini file settings from null values to 0 and a few other mysterious bugs because of a change made two versions ago, this includes a weird bug with the menubar not displaying any menus when clicked
22. Fixed the visual appearance of the toolbar (the separator line at the bottom) to make it look a little cleaner
23. Updated the Networks.ini file, now contains over 300 different servers
24. Added a splash screen so it appears that its doing something when loading up (reading 300+ servers takes time)
25. Updated the appearances of dialogs and added custom message boxes (not yet added to scripting $input();)

May 14, 2008: Version 1.3
1. Final public release
2. DCC fully implemented

April 8, 2008: Version 1.2
1. Chat window output display revised
2. More options implemented
3. Third beta release

March 30, 2008: Version 1.1
1. Second beta release

March 27, 2008: Version 1.0
1. First basic beta release