Use this page to help answer some questions you might have before sending me an email. Time is limited and I don't often have time to reply to every single one, so, again, only email me if it hasn't already been answered here.


Q.) How long have you been programming?

A.) Around 17 years.

Q.) Wow! How old are you?

A.) 31.

Q.) Do you enjoy programming?

A.) Absolutely. I love programming and challenges.

Q.) Are you Khaled Mardam-Bey?

A.) LOL! No! I am not Khaled.

Q.) Do you use IRC a lot?

A.) Sometimes, when ever I've got a free moment between other things, like work and domestic life, I like to have the odd chat on IRC once in a while.

Q.) Are you married?

A.) Yes, I am married with one son born 30th April, 2008.


Q.) Are you ever going to make this program able to run on Linux, just like xChat?

A.) No. There are no plans to make this program cross platformed.

Q.) Can you get me unbanned from a channel?

A.) No. I can not unban you as I do not control that channel/network. You have to speak with the channel/server admins or send them an email. You can usually find their email address in the MOTD.

Q.) I've been k-lined from a server, can you help?

A.) No. I can not unban you as I do not control that network. You have to speak with the server admins or send them an email. You can usually find their email address in the MOTD or on their website related to the server.

Q.) Are you going to translate the program or help file in to any other language other than English?

A.) There are currently no plans to do so, no, as my native language is English.

Q.) How big is ChatIRC's source?

A.) ChatIRC, currently, resides over 13 MB in 541 files at 46,224 lines of code.

Q.) You're client sure looks a lot like mIRC, is this mIRC scaled down in ever aspect?

A.) No, this is not mIRC in any respect, as I do not work for or are in any way related to mIRC co. and do not profess to be related to Khaled in any way or have access to his source code. The main reason that it looks like mIRC is for the simple fact I was a mIRC user for many years before I wrote this and so the design of the GUI is based on his. The reason for this is that mIRC's GUI is, and will always be, the most simple and effect way to organize an IRC client's windows. Now, this may not suit everyone's taste and they may prefer a more customizable interface, unfortunately, the more you add customization, the more it becomes unworkable and unsuitable for a "general-use" environment and you start to lose the original aspect of the design that it was originally created for. Over time, the interface may or may not change in its style and appearance but, I can assure everyone that this client is a stand-alone client and is not in any way mIRC related (only thing that links the two is the fact they are both IRC clients).

Q.) Will ChatIRC ever have such an advanced scripting engine as mIRC does?

A.) At this stage, I am unsure of where ChatIRC is going. I was never a big fan of scripting even when I was using mIRC, so I can't say that it will ever be as good as or better. Only time will tell that.

Q.) Do you think IRC is dying?

A.) Well, IRC has always been a common and easy way to chat online, and although servers may die and drop off, I don't think IRC will. UnderNet and DALnet are the two most largest and popular (the former even more so) IRC networks than any other.

Q.) Why IRC, though, why not an IM client?

A.) Well, quite frankly, I'm not a huge fan of IM clients such as Yahoo or MSN as they don't offer the mass forum functionality of an IRC client (by mass forum I mean channels). Even though MSN does offer a "conversation" for three or more users, I prefer using IM for chatting one on one with people, and IRC for mass debates and other such topics between multiple users. I am an IRC freak! LOL!